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Proceedings of the German-Japanese Workshop on Multi-Phase Flow

T. Schulenberg, M. Ozawa, G. Grötzbach

The German-Japanese Workshop on Multi-Phase Flow was held on August 25 to 27, 2002 at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany. It was the third meeting of aseries of formerly bilateral Symposia on Two-, Three-, or Multi-Phase Flows held in 1994 at Karlsruhe and in 1997 at Tokyo.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide a forum für specialists from Japan, Germany, and also für partners from neighbouring countries in order to consolidate recent advances in various basic and applied areas of multi-phase flow in science and technology. Thus, it brought together scientists and engineers working on experimental, theoretical and numerical investigations of multi-phase flows, and

those working on related engineering applications.

The announcement of the German-Japanese Workshop had been warmly accepted in both countries, as weil as in same other countries. In total 24 papers were submitted which were focussed on

the measurements and predictions of three-dimensional flow phenomena in multi-phase flow.

In detail, the presentations cover of the following topics:

   Phase distribution and separation

   Flow patterns in macro and micro channels

   Interfacial phenomena and instabilities

   Instrumentation and measurement techniques

   Flow visualizations

   3D-modeling and computational methods

   Numerical simulation of flows with interfaces

The proceedings include all these contributions and are arranged accordingly.

Dr. Günther Grötzbach and Prof. Mamoru Ozawa look the responsibility für the technical organization of the meeting and the handling of the papers to produce the proceedings. Prof. G. Schnerr and Prof. M. Shoji helped to select the papers to focus the workshop on the intended subject. I like to thank all of them für their excellent organization to make this workshop a great success.

Great thanks also to Günther Grötzbach and Heide Hofmann für arrangement of the accommodation and transportation and für the wonderful evening in the Palace of Heidelberg.